Climate of the Everglades

Climates of the Florida Everglades.

Climates of Everglades city

The Everglades has many climates through the period of a year. These climates very from year to year. Years leading to 2013 have been dryer compared to what came in 2013. The average rain fall recorded from Everglades airboat tours in Everglades city Florida . Average year is ( 80″ to 120″ )  - 2013 year was more steady rain through out the whole year aprox  totals of  Avg (100 to 165 for year 2013. This was one of the wetest years for longer periods with more rain total per day for more days in a row than in past 15 years.


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Climates of Everglades city



  • Above are images of the Florida Everglades near Everglades city fl. These phots show how high the water levels are for September 2013.This water level so constant has caused many different problems in south Florida. Run off from so much rain has turned the gulf of Mexico waters a very dark. Dark fresh water in such quantities are having a hard time mixing with the salt. This creates dead spots with low oxygen for fish and crab but grows algae and unwanted toxic growth near shores.